Strava turns rides into cool animation

31st December 2015 0

Strava, the social network for athletes, today gives its members the opportunity to relive their sporting 2015 with The Big Adventure; a personalised animated video showcasing their individual Strava stats. The video is available to […]

Race against the Stasi by Herbie Sykes

29th December 2015 0

WHEN the ‘Iron Curtain’ descended across Europe, Dieter Wiedemann was a hero of East German sport. A podium finisher in The Peace Race, the Eastern Bloc equivalent of the Tour de France, he was a […]

All change for Macca

29th December 2015 0

MARK McNally will be sporting some new kit in more ways than one next season after his new Belgium team announced a deal with KALAS Sportswear. The two-year deal sees Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor […]


24th December 2015 0

Hello and welcome to our new club news page. If you want to add any upcoming events or new about your club, this is the place to do it. Everything added to this page will […]

Taking the jersey market by TØRM

27th November 2015 1

IF YOU’RE looking for a non-nonsense, all-rounder jersey that can cope with the rigours of racing, clubruns or, in our case, multiple trips to the café, then look no further than the catchily titled T7 […]

Everybody Loves Rayner

23rd November 2015 0

JUST in time for Christmas, a new book has been released celebrating the life, career and legacy of Dave Rayner. Written by Peter Cossins, Everybody’s Friend tells the story of Rayner’s life and racing career […]

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