Jerseys of Glory: Part I

18th March 2015 1

I WAS recently chatting to an old racer who told me that back in the early 1960’s Merseyside (as it wasn’t known then) had over 40 racing cycle clubs. By the late 1980’s this number had […]

The Man Who Loved To Climb – Bill Bradley

16th March 2015 6

ATOP of Boundary Hill, nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the Trough of Bowland, lies a modest plaque adorning the boundary stone that once signified the divide between Yorkshire and Lancashire. Unless you’re directly searching […]

Killer Hills – No.2: Anglezarke

16th March 2015 5

ANGLEZARKE. It sounds brutal and harsh – like the name of a viking axe or a large angry bird of prey, ready to harry you all the way home. According to the source of all […]