Turning iconic ride data in to art

30th June 2015 0

CYCLING art can be pretty dull and mundane at times. Let’s face it, if we’ve seen one cartoon version of Wiggo, Froome or whoever else, we’ve seen them all. Right? Well, prepare to have your […]

Killer Hills – No.7 Bwlch Penbarras

11th June 2015 6

AFTER a few Killer Hills in Lancashire, we were thinking it was high time that we left our comfort zone and tackled a genuinely nasty climb. When I say ‘we’, I mean that the editor […]

Killer Hills – No.6 Crows Lane

10th June 2015 1

OK, ok. Yes, this feature is called ‘Killer Hill’ and, yes, we know that Crows Lane near Dalton in West Lancashire cannot really be considered a ‘killer’, but stick with us on this and we’ll […]

Canal Kerin Racing

10th June 2015 0

SO, it’s probably been the worst or best winter – depending on whatever way you want to look at it – in Glasgow for more than 30-odd years, writes Brian Sweeny. The place has been […]

Killer Hills – No.5 Quernmore

9th June 2015 1

I AM not sure Queen Victoria ever rode a bicycle. No, not that ‘Queen Vic’, the original. You know, the Monarch? Anyway, Her Royal Highness owned an adult tricycle, but I’d guess it might have […]

Unsung hero: Ken Beck

8th June 2015 0

CYCLING is a funny old game. Riders needlessly sacrificing themselves so that a single indiviual can take all the glory, bask in the limelight and reap all the rewards. Some are happy just to be […]

Killer Hills – No. 4 Waddington Fell

8th June 2015 0

MOST hill climbs in the UK can be approached from either direction and with Waddington Fell, the Newton side is definitely the hardest. From the Waddington village side, it’s a pretty straight road. You can […]

Best cafes in NW

7th June 2015 1

No.1 Eureka Cafe Two Mills, Parkgate Road, Woodbank, Chester, CH1 6EZ Reviewer’s rating: 4/5 www.eurekacyclistscafe.co.uk | Tel: 0151 339 5629 Opening times: Not open Mon, Tues or Thurs. One of the few Cafes where you […]

Bowland Badass – Toughest Sportive EVER?

6th June 2015 1

HAVE you ever queued miserably with hundreds or even thousands of other riders on a chilly morning to register or set off from the start point on a large, commercially-run sportive? Youv’e probably also tonked […]

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