The Italian Job: Inside the Madonna del Ghisallo

6th June 2015 1

IN A competition to decide which sport has the highest regard for its traditions, cycling would have to be a podium contender, writes Paul Cooper. Today’s world of professional cycling is modern, high-tech, money-focused and […]

Lost Art of Group Riding

5th June 2015 1

EVERY so often, I miss riding in a large group. There is nothing quite like gliding along, nestled within the safety of a group of cyclists. You have a laugh, share the workload and get […]

Jerseys of Glory: Part II

5th June 2015 0

LEGEND has it there is a mystical land not too far from our shores that has endless dry stone walls, rolling green countryside and more hills than you could ever possibly hope to climb in […]

We love Fatties – Fat Bikes, that is

5th June 2015 0

I KNOW that it’s childish, but ever since I heard the term ‘Fat bikes’ I can’t stop singing the Imagination song: “Fat Bikes. To the days when the nights were young. Fat Bikes when we […]

Lather Be Thy Name: Home-made Chamois Cream

4th June 2015 2

‘ARSE cream’, ‘bum wax’, ‘groin grease’ or ‘chamois cream’ – whatever you want to call it, slapping a load of cold and embrocation on your nether regions seems to be a bit of a taboo […]

Tour de Chopper

4th June 2015 0

SIR BRADLEY Wiggins and Chris Froome put themselves through hell for 21 days, covering nearly than 3,500-kilometres and riding continuous for nearly 90 hours each to win their respective titles at the Tour de France. […]

Man of Steel: Steve Goff – Framebuilder

4th June 2015 1

THERE is just something about traditional steel-framed bikes. Whether they evoke youthful memories of watching some of the greats battling their way up an gravel alpine climb or you just love a nice set of […]

Return of The Macca

3rd June 2015 0

A SPLIT second. That’s all it takes for someone’s luck to change in bike racing. One moment, a rider can be top of the world; next they’re on the ground looking up. No-one knows just […]

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