What’s all this about then?


We’ve been a bit quiet lately – and for good reason. A while ago, we got asked by a big publishing company if we’d fancied having our mag printed and handed out for free in bikes shops across the UK.

Naturally, we jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t? After all, it would mean that we could bring our beautiful imagery and writing, as well as our daft sense of humour, to a much bigger audience and, more importantly, for free. Hurrah.

Sadly, that deal has fallen through much to our disappointment. Gutted. Have no fear, though. That doesn’t mean we are giving up. No, sir. We’re cracking on as always. After all, if we gave up now it would be like unclipping halfway up a hill. That’s not what we’re about or who we are.

Never mind, eh? We’ve still got everything that we have been working on over the last few months, including some great exclusive interviews and shiny new features that will be in the next digital issue available in 2016.

Spin was dreamt up because we kept hearing about all these great stories and no other publication seemed interested in.

In the UK, club cycling is a long litany of names and races, wins and losses, feuds and partnerships and tall tales; often told with some style and imagination – but ethereal all the same.

We wanted to explore the each of these stories; find out who these people were and share their triumphs with the world, so that others can enjoy this history as much as we have.

Spin isn’t only an archive of the past. New riders are future history and we like to meet them too. In a nod to masochistic populism, we also ride the occasional silly hill to report back in doom-ladened prose for those that love a little scare.

We can’t claim to be creating an encyclopaedia of British cycling history. We choose our subjects simply because we like them, their stories and their style and because we think their stories are worth sharing.

Our aim is – and always has been – to convey this essence through creative images and writing. We’re passionate about the beauty of the sport and what we do, but we also want you to have some fun along the way.

It’s also worth noting that myself, Dan, Paul C and many of our wonderful contributors do all this for free. We don’t earn anything a single penny from putting the magazine together – we do it because we love the sport and want to share these great stories with you for free.

So please keep supporting us. Visit our website as much as possible; keep downloading the digital mag; tweet us; facebook us and keep telling all your friends about what we’re doing.

In fact, one thing we would like to change moving forward is getting you, our loyal followers, more involved.

If you’ve got a great story or cracking photo that you’d like to see in the next issue or on our website, then get in touch. Don’t be shy. Don’t think of us as something just to read – get involved. This is your magazine as much as it is ours. Be part of it and together we can accomplish something great.

Cheers and thanks for reading.