Here’s the deal, if you’re an independent or small business then we will let you advertise for free in Spin.

Yes, you just read that right. We want to help out the little guy or gals out there. Not catch whatsoever. Really.

If you’re a one-man band, two blokes running a cycling-related business from a broom cupboard or a local bike shop that needs a bit of publicity, then we will let you place either a double or half page advert in our magazine.

That’s it. No hidden charges or anything nasty. Why? Well, we’re fed up with the cycling media industry and want to change the way it operates.

At the min, if you’re a small business then you have to pay through the nose to advertise in any of the major publications. We’re talking serious dough, here.

We think that isn’t fair. So starting right now, if you’re a struggling start-up or have been trying to shift your cycling-themed product for a while to no avail then drop us a line.

Our plan is to turn the magazine into a kinda collective co-op project. That means we want our readers to feel like they are, in a way, owners of the magazine. Basically, a magazine for the readers by the readers.

Over the last three years, Spin has built up a bit of a cult following and we want that to grow. This is one of the way we plan to do this – by helping people. What better way?

Our only rules are that you’ve got to be a genuinely nice and honest person. Also, what you’re selling or promoting has also got to be equally as nice and honest. That’s it.

Drop us a line via: