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Killer Hills – No.2: Anglezarke

16th March 2015 5

ANGLEZARKE. It sounds brutal and harsh – like the name of a viking axe or a large angry bird of prey, ready to harry you all the way home. According to the source of all […]

Killer Hills – No.1 Shaley Brow

27th February 2015 12

I HAD joined ‘the club’ the year before – all bright legged and ready to work and learn. Cold eyes squinted from under £120 helmets, as my new clubmates assessed me and my bike. It […]

Stan The Man

27th February 2015 4

“DID you get out yesterday? How far? Terribly icy wasn’t it?” It’s not every day that you’re asked about your Sunday training run by someone who’s ridden the Tour de France. That’s typical Stan Brittain, […]

Master Wheelbuilding

27th February 2015 4

IN THE good old days, wheels were as personal as a tailored suit. You bought them made on site at the shop you bought your bike from and, if you raced, you had a pair […]


22nd January 2015 0

Club cycling in the UK is a long litany of names and races, wins and losses, feuds and partnerships and tall tales; often told with some style and imagination – but ethereal all the same. […]

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