All hail to the gravel kings

3rd April 2020 1

LAST week, I did something that I never thought I ever would dare – I became a gravel biker. Yeah, I am one of ‘those people’ now, but hear me out. Right about now, you’re […]

What to wear in all weathers

11th September 2018 0

DURING a recent club-run, the topic of conversation changed to what to wear on the bike when the weather is all over the place and can’t really decide what to settle on. Usually it’s a […]

An Italian romance

13th July 2016 0

BACK in 1994, I went to live in Rome for a year, which then turned into 12 years, writes Bootle-born Pat O’Hare. After a few weeks of trying to find a cycle route that didn’t […]

Anyone for an ice-cold Tee?

19th January 2016 0

EVERY now and then, something lands in our inbox that we think is pretty cool and makes us take notice – surprisingly, it isn’t that often. One such email that made us smile was from a guy […]

Brrrr…and you thought it was cold here?

19th January 2016 0

HERE in good ol’ Blighty, the weather has definitely turned its dial setting to Winter.  Every weekend, cyclists across the land awake blurry-eyed and poke their heads round the curtains to see if the conditions […]

Race against the Stasi by Herbie Sykes

29th December 2015 0

WHEN the ‘Iron Curtain’ descended across Europe, Dieter Wiedemann was a hero of East German sport. A podium finisher in The Peace Race, the Eastern Bloc equivalent of the Tour de France, he was a […]

Everybody Loves Rayner

23rd November 2015 0

JUST in time for Christmas, a new book has been released celebrating the life, career and legacy of Dave Rayner. Written by Peter Cossins, Everybody’s Friend tells the story of Rayner’s life and racing career […]

Turning iconic ride data in to art

30th June 2015 0

CYCLING art can be pretty dull and mundane at times. Let’s face it, if we’ve seen one cartoon version of Wiggo, Froome or whoever else, we’ve seen them all. Right? Well, prepare to have your […]

Best cafes in NW

7th June 2015 1

No.1 Eureka Cafe Two Mills, Parkgate Road, Woodbank, Chester, CH1 6EZ Reviewer’s rating: 4/5 | Tel: 0151 339 5629 Opening times: Not open Mon, Tues or Thurs. One of the few Cafes where you […]

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