Lesson 101: How to blag a new fixie

29th March 2018 0

IF YOU’VE ever had the misfortune of having your bike stolen, then you know first-hand the extent of anger, inconvenience and expense that you encounter – plus, it’s really, really, really annoying. Your bike is […]

Paris-Roubaix on a Fixie

16th March 2018 5

GARRETT Turbett’s day job is as a health consultant for the NHS, which gives the impression of a rather sensible soul.  Alas, his alter-ego is quite the opposite and his spare time is taken up […]

The Waiting Game – Steve Cummings

29th April 2016 2

GOOD things come to those who wait – so goes the saying. Never has that been more true than for one of the most well-respected and liked riders in the pro peloton. Of course, we’re […]

Canal Kerin Racing

10th June 2015 0

SO, it’s probably been the worst or best winter – depending on whatever way you want to look at it – in Glasgow for more than 30-odd years, writes Brian Sweeny. The place has been […]

Unsung hero: Ken Beck

8th June 2015 0

CYCLING is a funny old game. Riders needlessly sacrificing themselves so that a single indiviual can take all the glory, bask in the limelight and reap all the rewards. Some are happy just to be […]

Bowland Badass – Toughest Sportive EVER?

6th June 2015 1

HAVE you ever queued miserably with hundreds or even thousands of other riders on a chilly morning to register or set off from the start point on a large, commercially-run sportive? Youv’e probably also tonked […]

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