The Italian Job: Inside the Madonna del Ghisallo

6th June 2015 1

IN A competition to decide which sport has the highest regard for its traditions, cycling would have to be a podium contender, writes Paul Cooper. Today’s world of professional cycling is modern, high-tech, money-focused and […]

Lost Art of Group Riding

5th June 2015 1

EVERY so often, I miss riding in a large group. There is nothing quite like gliding along, nestled within the safety of a group of cyclists. You have a laugh, share the workload and get […]

Jerseys of Glory: Part II

5th June 2015 0

LEGEND has it there is a mystical land not too far from our shores that has endless dry stone walls, rolling green countryside and more hills than you could ever possibly hope to climb in […]

Tour de Chopper

4th June 2015 0

SIR BRADLEY Wiggins and Chris Froome put themselves through hell for 21 days, covering nearly than 3,500-kilometres and riding continuous for nearly 90 hours each to win their respective titles at the Tour de France. […]

Man of Steel: Steve Goff – Framebuilder

4th June 2015 1

THERE is just something about traditional steel-framed bikes. Whether they evoke youthful memories of watching some of the greats battling their way up an gravel alpine climb or you just love a nice set of […]

Return of The Macca

3rd June 2015 0

A SPLIT second. That’s all it takes for someone’s luck to change in bike racing. One moment, a rider can be top of the world; next they’re on the ground looking up. No-one knows just […]

Jerseys of Glory: Part I

18th March 2015 1

I WAS recently chatting to an old racer who told me that back in the early 1960’s Merseyside (as it wasn’t known then) had over 40 racing cycle clubs. By the late 1980’s this number had […]

The Man Who Loved To Climb – Bill Bradley

16th March 2015 6

ATOP of Boundary Hill, nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the Trough of Bowland, lies a modest plaque adorning the boundary stone that once signified the divide between Yorkshire and Lancashire. Unless you’re directly searching […]

Stan The Man

27th February 2015 4

“DID you get out yesterday? How far? Terribly icy wasn’t it?” It’s not every day that you’re asked about your Sunday training run by someone who’s ridden the Tour de France. That’s typical Stan Brittain, […]

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