Everesting – The Only Way is Up

5th January 2016 0

I’M ALEX Staniforth, 20-years-old, and endurance cycling has always been key training for my mountaineering expeditions – considering I live in the leafy flatness of Cheshire. Aged at 18, I departed to try and climb […]

Killer Hills – No.7 Bwlch Penbarras

11th June 2015 6

AFTER a few Killer Hills in Lancashire, we were thinking it was high time that we left our comfort zone and tackled a genuinely nasty climb. When I say ‘we’, I mean that the editor […]

Killer Hills – No.6 Crows Lane

10th June 2015 1

OK, ok. Yes, this feature is called ‘Killer Hill’ and, yes, we know that Crows Lane near Dalton in West Lancashire cannot really be considered a ‘killer’, but stick with us on this and we’ll […]

Killer Hills – No.5 Quernmore

9th June 2015 1

I AM not sure Queen Victoria ever rode a bicycle. No, not that ‘Queen Vic’, the original. You know, the Monarch? Anyway, Her Royal Highness owned an adult tricycle, but I’d guess it might have […]

Killer Hills – No. 4 Waddington Fell

8th June 2015 0

MOST hill climbs in the UK can be approached from either direction and with Waddington Fell, the Newton side is definitely the hardest. From the Waddington village side, it’s a pretty straight road. You can […]

Killer Hills – No.2: Anglezarke

16th March 2015 5

ANGLEZARKE. It sounds brutal and harsh – like the name of a viking axe or a large angry bird of prey, ready to harry you all the way home. According to the source of all […]

Killer Hills – No.1 Shaley Brow

27th February 2015 12

I HAD joined ‘the club’ the year before – all bright legged and ready to work and learn. Cold eyes squinted from under £120 helmets, as my new clubmates assessed me and my bike. It […]