ShockStop Seatpost: Add Suspension to Your Bike

10th April 2018 0

ROUGH roads and trails are everywhere – you’ll encounter them no matter where you ride. Modern bikes are designed for speed and efficiency, but not comfort. Bumps and impacts are passed straight to the rider. […]

Kalf launch new collection for 2018

29th March 2018 0

KALF has today announced the launch of its new 2018 spring/summer collection. Catering for both male and female cyclists, the range comprises of a full body of kit including short sleeve jerseys, lightweight rain jackets, […]

Is this winter jacket really worth £300?

19th November 2017 0

IT’S NOT every day that you get asked to review a winter jacket that costs as much as your second-hand groupset, so you can imagine that we pretty much bit off Le Col’s hand when […]

Unboxing the Le Col Cycling Gilet

27th February 2017 0

  IT IS always an exciting moment for any reviewer when a large box of cycling themed goodness lands on your doorstep – none more so than when it’s from new and uber cool Le […]

Last multi-tool you’ll ever need?

14th June 2016 0

WE’RE fans of anything cool, so when an email dropped asking us to take a gander at a Kickstarter campaign for the ‘last multi-tool you will ever need’ we were intrigued. Multi-tools are a vital bit a of […]

Multi-tool that’s best bar-none

21st January 2016 0

MULTI-tools are – let’s face it – damn indispensable to cyclists. Aside from the humble pump, they’re one of the common tool in any roadie’s arsenal and also the least used – unless you’re as accident-prone as Frank […]

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