Anyone for an ice-cold Tee?

19th January 2016 0

EVERY now and then, something lands in our inbox that we think is pretty cool and makes us take notice – surprisingly, it isn’t that often. One such email that made us smile was from a guy […]

Taking the jersey market by TØRM

27th November 2015 1

IF YOU’RE looking for a non-nonsense, all-rounder jersey that can cope with the rigours of racing, clubruns or, in our case, multiple trips to the café, then look no further than the catchily titled T7 […]

First look: Le Col’s Thermal Jersey

2nd November 2015 0

IT’S that time of year when the clocks go back, leaves turn various shades of golden brown and winter cycling clothing starts getting its annual airing. A few months ago, Le Col – the company […]

End to bad vibrations? Perhaps

25th August 2015 0

ADMITTEDLY, there aren’t a lot of cobbles up this way. Sure, there is Swiss Hill over in Cheshire, then there is that little stretch into the woods near Banks and even that little bit before […]

We love Fatties – Fat Bikes, that is

5th June 2015 0

I KNOW that it’s childish, but ever since I heard the term ‘Fat bikes’ I can’t stop singing the Imagination song: “Fat Bikes. To the days when the nights were young. Fat Bikes when we […]

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