Last multi-tool you’ll ever need?

WE’RE fans of anything cool, so when an email dropped asking us to take a gander at a Kickstarter campaign for the ‘last multi-tool you will ever need’ we were intrigued.

Multi-tools are a vital bit a of equipment that no cyclists ever leaves home without – if you do, then you risk being stranded in the middle of nowhere with only lady luck to rely on getting you home.

One niggle with the majority of multi-tools is that they’re heavy. Yeah, yeah, you can get slimmed down versions, but chances are the one tool that you’ll need when stranded by the roadside in the middle of winter is the one tool missing.

Not with the MODUAL range from Altum Designs based in London, which consists of MTS – an innovative 13 function multi-tool and MTR – and an accompanying tool roll that also provides an effective means of transporting a cyclist’s essential items.

Dan Varney, founder of Altum Designs, said: “Each are comprehensive enough for use at home but compact enough for the road. MODUAL seeks to offer a portable yet powerful alternative to conventional folding tools.


“MTS is a modular system that utilises individual tool bits rather than pivoting allen keys. Four of these can be held internally so the tool can be configured to match the specific requirements of any bike. Tyre levers snap magnetically to each side forming an ergonomic handle whilst the tool’s elongated body provides superior leverage. The head of the tool features two tool bit slots, one acting as a wrench and the other a screwdriver, allowing for easy access to any bolt.”


MTR is a novel twist on the traditional tool roll and is constructed from hard-wearing Cordura. The top flap provides a workstation whether you are at home or on the roadside. It even features a hidden magnet so no longer is there a risk of tool bits getting lost. Internal sections are divided to store MTS (and its attachments) as well as other cycling essentials and there is an external strap for securing a spare inner tube. MTR is spacious when flat but when folded up forms a compact bundle that can be strapped under a saddle or sit perfectly in a jersey pocket.

For more information or to back Altum Designs project, simply click the link HERE.



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