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MULTI-tools are – let’s face it – damn indispensable to cyclists. Aside from the humble pump, they’re one of the common tool in any roadie’s arsenal and also the least used – unless you’re as accident-prone as Frank Spencer.

One problem, though – some can be bloody bulky. Then there’s the problem of storage: stick it in your jersey pocket and it weighs you down; put it in a saddle pack and you’ve lost space for other bits and bobs. If only there was another way to carry one but have it hidden out of the way until it’s needed?

Well, low and behold, now there is courtesy of the aptly-named Barstow chain tool system. It looks like a great idea, attaching a chain tool to the inside of your bar end plugs, meaning it can be forgotten about until the time comes to use it.

It’s a neat idea and remains us of old-skool racers, who used to hide coins in the end of their bar plugs for a much-needed cuppa when out on long training rides.

Available in three different colours (red, white, and black) the Barstow system will fit any diameter handlebars thanks to the wedges that expand with the turn of an allen key bolt to sit snug against the inside of the bars. It also doesn’t weigh too much either, with the cap and chain tool coming in at a claimed 55g.

Mineral Design, the company behind Barstow, is currently searching for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with punters also being encouraged to put their money behind the Mini Bar mini tool which includes six different allen key heads which can be positioned in one of three places on the tool.

The Barstow chain tool is currently available for $45 (approx. £30) while the Mini Bar is a little less at $30 (approx. £20). The products are still in the development stage, but the company is aiming to deliver them to backers from June.

Visit the company’s Kickstarter page for more details via:


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