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EVERYONE sees things different. Shapes, colours and intricate details – they’re all a matter of perspective.

Never has this been more true that with photography. Each image tells a story – some more than others – but it is the professional wielding the camera who is ultimately responsible for what the camera sees; not the other way round.

Today, we are very pleased to offer an intriguing insight into the creative minds of two very talented photographers that we’re proud to call friends – Russell Ellis and Dan Monaghan.

Both attended Revolutions last Saturday (January 2), where none other than Mark Cavendish and Laura Trott were among the stars racing on the boards at Manchester Velodrome.

Below are their favourite photographs from the day and we think you’ll agree that they’re bloody lovely. Well done, chaps.



75a_8890_23850966690_o 75a_8675_23850980190_o 810_7044_23851023310_o 810_7008_23519841783_o 810_6982_24146682975_o 810_6903_24038531532_o 75a_9798_23519850133_o 75a_9638_23519842833_o 75a_9554_24146609495_o 75a_9487_24120564476_o 75a_9342_24146673565_o 75a_9195_23518406474_o 75a_9133_24064002371_o

Photography by Russell Ellis


Twitter: @therussellellis




_MG_5457 IMG_5083 IMG_5002 IMG_4872 IMG_4871 IMG_4680 IMG_4619 IMG_4576 _MG_5721 _MG_5707 _MG_5688 _MG_5623 _MG_5584 _MG_5564 _MG_5484

Photography by Dan Monaghan


Twitter: @danmon_81

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