Unboxing the Le Col Cycling Gilet


IT IS always an exciting moment for any reviewer when a large box of cycling themed goodness lands on your doorstep – none more so than when it’s from new and uber cool Le Col run by British pro Yanto Barker.

We reviewed Le Col’s thermal jersey a while back and it still remains one of the best bit of kits we have ever reviewed.

If first impressions count, then Le Col have nailed it – even the presentation box the cycling gilet they sent us to review had a touch of class.

Think Sean Connery’s James Bond rather than Roger Moore. Even the packaging oozes style. One time when you should judge a box by the cover.

The gilet itself, which retails at £80, is aimed at spring and summer when the temperature gets a bit low or you are caught out in a bit of a light shower.

Even better, it scrunches up to the size of a small fist – perfect to pack away in your back pocket when it is not needed.

Anyway, take a look at our short clip above. It’s my first ‘unboxing’ video so bear with me.

We will post a full review, some rather dashing photos and an ‘on the road’ test video when we get the chance to try it out later this week.

In the meantime, pop over to their website and see for yourself: https://lecol.net



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